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Woodturning Artist

I had been employed by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff from 1984 until 1988 when I got married to my husband and biggest supporter Maury. When we decided to have children, I quit working full time and was lucky enough to stay home with my two children.

I began my journey in to the woodworking world in the mid 1990’s as a student at Palomar College. I took many classes making furniture such as cabinets for the kitchen and items for the house. At the time, I was staying home with my two beautiful children. While they were going to school, I had time to enjoy some time in the shop and build things.

In 1999, I decided to go back to work for the Sheriff’s Department and knew I wouldn’t have time for lengthy furniture projects. I had always wanted to try turning wood so I took a two weekend class at Palomar with my mentor Nan Bushley. I was hooked!

I still enjoy some furniture making but my passion is turning. I especially enjoy turning Natural edge bowls and platters. I have made numerous items such as different types of pens, wooden razor sets, all sizes and shapes of bowls, platters and hollow forms.

I have sold my artwork at craft shows throughout California and Art in Wood in Spanish Village in Balboa Park. Take a look at my gallery items and see if there is something you like.



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